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Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Küchen

Schweizer Furniture Workshop


The previous website was already severely outdated and could no longer vividly present the great furniture and projects of Schweizer Furniture Workshop. In addition, the lack of optimization for mobile devices excluded all visitors who wanted to access the site via their smartphone or tablet. It was important to the owner Mirko Schweizer that all interested parties could get a first impression of the high-quality services on the website in the future.


The new website becomes a showcase. Here, many large images of Schweizer's great projects are in the foreground and are complemented by some text descriptions. In order for visitors to really enjoy them, a suitable technical basis had to be created. The result is a lightning fast Jamstack website with individual design around and brand new photos of projects, the company and individual pieces of furniture.

Scope of project

  • Demand and potential analysis

  • Implementation concept with individual web design

  • Corporate design

  • Texting

  • Web development with Node.js, Next.js and Prismic CMS

  • Hosting via Netlify CDN

  • Photography

schweizer-moebelwerkstatt.de (in german language)

Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Desktop Design

Noble in design and visual language

The new website makes a much more refined impression on visitors. We achieved this with the targeted use of black and white areas that flank the expressive visuals of the various works. From now on, Mirko Schweizer reaches his target group on all devices and they can enjoy all content without noticeable loading delays.

Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Tablet Design

"On the new website, we can present our projects in a completely different way than we were able to before." - Mirko Schweizer, Managing Director

Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Desktop Design
Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Tablet Design
Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Smartphone Design
Schweizer Möbelwerkstatt Desktop Design

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