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Performance Marketing

Increase your reach to the target group relevant to your business.

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4 steps to sustainable success for your business

  1. Concept
  2. Intensive set-up phase
  3. Personal consulting
  4. Optimization
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Your company generates customer inquiries (leads). The aim is to turn as many of these inquiries as possible into paying customers. If people are satisfied with your product and you continue to offer them attractive solutions in the future, they will remain loyal to your company and buy from you repeatedly or purchase services from you on a regular basis.

We support you in building up and continuously optimizing your sales through individual consulting and performance marketing tailored to sustainable success.

Every company, every product and every service has its own special requirements. In close cooperation with you, we uncover the opportunities for your business model.

We look forward to working with you to get off to a successful start!

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How Performance Marketing works

In 4 systematic steps to high-quality customer contacts and more sales

1. Marketing concept

Which specific measures really make sense for your company and to what extent? Making sales in the short term is good, but building strong customer relationships in the long term is even better. You'll learn exactly which marketing channels are important for your success.

2. Set-up phase

The campaigns are strategically built on the basis of the conception and in the initial period especially intensively tested to see if they pay off to achieve your goals.

3. Personal consulting

Your personal consultant will be in close contact with you to discuss campaign performance and provide ongoing recommendations.

4. Optimization

Competitors on the market, the behavior of your target group, the expansion of your goals, changes in the portfolio - we continuously give our all to ensure that your success remains sustainable.

Google Ads

Advertise in the largest advertising network in the world

Facebook Ads

Reach 1.6 billion people on the largest social media network

Instagram Ads

Inspire over 600 million people with the most creative ad formats

Affiliate Marketing

Making strategic use of strong partner networks

Your goals are our goals:

Working together as a team to achieve sustainable success with performance marketing.
At Flanke 7, we enable companies of all sizes and in all industries to realize highly profitable performance marketing for maximum corporate success.

What you don’t want anymore:

  1. Low and hardly relevant traffic
  2. Only difficult to calculate sales
  3. High support effort
  4. Wasted advertising budget
  5. Hardly any time for business development
  6. A high turnover of employees

What you’re aiming for:

  1. Highly relevant traffic
  2. Scalable business growth
  3. Targeted use of automation
  4. Profitable use of advertising budget
  5. More time for business development
  6. Motivated employees

Do you know these performance marketing problems?

  1. Low budgets to test what is possible with online marketing
  2. Increasing the budgets does not bring the desired success
  3. Lack of a clear strategy for your campaigns
  4. Landing pages only moderately increase contact and sales
  5. Campaigns are not sufficiently coordinated across multiple channels

Do you want to achieve these successes in performance marketing?

  1. Clarity on sensible budgeting
  2. Revenue scales with advertising spend
  3. Clear strategy according to user behavior
  4. Drive campaigns in such a way that you really reach the desired target group
  5. Landing pages offer exactly what the target group was looking for and inspire them

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Do you have questions about Performance Marketing?
Nadja will be happy to help you.