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Jamstack Websites

Good for your users. Good for search engines.
Good for the climate. Good for you.
We build you one of the fastest websites in your industry.

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Only around 1% of all websites already use the competitive advantage of a Jamstack website.

Want to get ahead of your competition now and be one of the first in your industry to have a website with no noticeable load times?

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What is the Jamstack?

Classic websites are rebuilt each time a user visits (the run time) by sending requests to a server for individual elements. Waiting for the server to respond delays the loading time of the website.

Jamstack websites, on the other hand, are built in advance and delivered at run time in the form of a static website via a CDN (Content Delivery Network). No more requests to a server are needed at run time. As a result, the load times of Jamstack websites are barely noticeable.

For our Jamstack websites we use tools like Gatsby, Next.js, Hygraph, Prismic, Netlify and Vercel.


With a Jamstack website, you are superior to your competition in many ways:

User Experience

Fast websites simply feel more modern and are easier to use. Thanks to load times that are barely noticeable, a Jamstack website feels like a native app.

Conversion Rate

Many studies have shown: The faster a website loads, the higher the conversion rate. If the loading time of a website is longer than 3 seconds, 53% of all visitors bounce.

SEO Rankings

Since May 2021, the speed of a website is an official ranking factor for Google (Core Web Vitals).


Since your Jamstack website is statically delivered via a CDN, a high rush of visitors will have no impact on loading times, website uptime or server costs.


All requests to servers and databases take place in advance at build time. This decoupling of frontend and backend eliminates a number of attack vectors, such as SQL injection or DDoS.

Climate friendliness

The Internet is responsible for 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That's more than all air traffic. Due to faster load times and no server requests for run time, Jamstack websites typically have a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional websites.

Jamstack becomes a habit

You know that feeling when you're driving back into an urban area after a long trip on the highway and 30 mph feels like walking pace? This effect is called 'adaptation.' Your perception of speed has become accustomed to the speed on the highway and it takes some time to get used to the speed in the city again.

This is exactly the effect your users will have when they switch from your Jamstack website to your competitor's website.

Actually normal loading times will feel significantly slower.

Use this effect for your website!
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