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Garden and landscape maintenance Sommer


Even during the early analysis phase, it became apparent that garden and landscape maintenance Sommer, as well as many of its competitors, are in a similar starting position: Lots of business, but a severely outdated website or even no website at all. In the short term, the current full order books are great. In the long term, however, providers with a strong online presence can win over customers as well as new employees. They simply appear more modern and attractive. For a well-rounded overall picture, the corporate design should also be refreshed.


With a Jamstack website in a customized design with a new logo, authentic project photos, specially written texts and real customer testimonials, garden and landscape maintenance Sommer stands out from all its competitors. With the highest speed of the site, the company presents itself openly and shows what it has to offer. This puts them in an ideal position to attract new customers and expand their team.

Project scope

  • Demand and potential analysis

  • Implementation concept with individual web design

  • Texting

  • Web development with Node.js, Next.js and Prismic CMS

  • Hosting via Netlify CDN

  • Display of customer reviews

gartenpflege-sommer.de (in german language)

Sommer Logos

Take projects to the outside world with pride

The new website enables the team of garden and landscape maintenance Sommer to present implemented projects e.g. on the tablet in customer meetings. The fast loading times make it much easier to switch between different project pages. Photos and information can be embedded in the natural flow of speech without delay.

Sommer Smartphone Design

"When talking to new customers, we can present projects on the spot on our super-fast website." - Daniel Sommer, CEO

Sommer Tablet Design
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Sommer Print
Sommer Print

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