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International Women's Day

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International Women's Day was celebrated internationally on March 8th

🌎 This day took place for the first time in 1911 with the aim of equal rights for women in different areas of life and also with regard to the right to vote for women.

2021 - 110 years later

Women now have just as equal rights as men to vote, work and express themselves freely in all areas of life. A few years ago, the rate of employed women in Germany was even 68 percent, which compared to men at almost 78 percent is not that big of a difference. 📈Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities for improvement, for example with regard to the gender pay gap or the filling of management positions by women. 💰💻🎓

The agency business

The agency business is popular among women - 62 percent of agency employees are female, in line with Beyonce's motto "Who run the world? GIRLS!” (although it should probably be better said “Who run the agency?” 😉)

In addition to concentrated male power, Flanke 7 also has a lot of female power in the form of our two colleagues Christine and Nadja. 👩🏼‍🦱👩🏻

Woman power at Flanke 7

What is it like working as a woman at Flanke 7?
⁠Our colleagues Christine and Nadja introduce themselves.

I have been with Flanke 7 since February 2019 as an assistant to the management. In addition, I study "Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation", I am involved in the chairmanship of the local group Remshalden of the BUND e.V. and am also the state delegate for Baden-Württemberg. 👩🏼‍🦱🌳💻

I've seen the company grow from the start, but I never thought of getting involved before. I didn't think it would work because of my personal relationship (Christine is married to Marcel) and also had my prejudices about wives in accounting. In society, these women are often viewed with pity - as if they can't or don't want to build anything up for themselves. And I didn't want to see myself in that position or be seen that way by others.

Today I have a completely different opinion. 👍 I'm very happy that I joined, because I never felt like I had a "special status" from my colleagues. This is probably not the case in all companies and I am very grateful for that. However, I am aware that in Germany the job of an accountant is often viewed disparagingly, especially if she only works a few hours a week.

In the Flanke 7 I am always treated with great respect from all sides and I am sure that it does not matter whether I am a woman or a wife. 😊

I am the newest team member at Flanke 7 and have been actively supporting performance marketing since November 2020. My focus is on the specialist areas of Google Ads and Social Ads. Before that I worked for almost 2 years in another agency in the field of affiliate marketing, now I work at Flanke 7 and have 100 percent home office because I live a little further away from the agency in Lower Saxony.

What do I particularly like here? 👍
⁠I really like that the hierarchies are so flat here and there is no difference between being a managing director and an employee. Everyone is allowed to contribute their ideas and you are never alone when you have questions. In a large agency with many employees, cohesion is often lost and at some point you just work on your own, that's not the case at Flanke 7. There is a friendly working atmosphere here and even in the home office you feel as if you were sitting in the office with your colleagues on site.

To sum it up briefly: we both don't work at Flanke 7 as women, but as people. What do we want to say with that!? 🤔
⁠Well, it doesn't really matter whether you're a man, a woman or an alpaca. At flank 7 we are all equal and that's great! 🙂
⁠(Although we would all probably be a lot better off if we had an office alpaca to attend our meetings. 😍 )

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