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  1. | Technische Analyse

    In Part 1 of this article series, we took a closer look at what Google knows about a website - but what the owner or operator does..

  2. | Technische Analysen

    How does Google actually see my website and what can Google see there? This question comes up every now and then and at the latest..

  3. | Marketing

    We all have a responsibility - be it in our role as private individuals, or in the construct of a company. And that this responsib..

  4. | Marketing

    The most common and well-known goals are to acquire new customers or retain existing ones, improve image, increase sales, increase..

  5. | Marketing

    Colorful, diverse, individual - these are the recipients of marketing campaigns, the users of social media or websites, the people..

  6. | Data Storytelling

    As some say, "Nothing is more expensive than a bad decision." How consumers make purchasing decisions is studied and researched a..

  7. | Data Storytelling

    Stories have been around as long as humans have been around. We use stories to simplify our complex world, to give it meaning, to ..

  8. | Design

    In marketing, design plays a very important role and therefore it is important not only to create a recognition value, but also to..

  9. | Marketing

    What do pillow fight day and Easter have in common? That's right - it's not a wacky joke that's meant, but a seasonal event in eac..

  10. | Marketing

    Today, no company can get around social media. What many use privately, but don't have on their radar in a business context in the..

  11. | Marketing

    Marketing has been around for a long time - so it's no surprise that just as a society has evolved, so has marketing. In this arti..

  12. | Customer Journey

    Seeing the world through different eyes. Seeing things from a different perspective. Changing one's perspective can help people in..

  13. | Websites

    Not too colorful, easy to read, big enough, mobile optimized - the demands on how a website should be and the user's expectations ..

  14. | Content Marketing

    The importance of videos for marketing and social media has increased significantly in recent years and, at the latest since the b..

  15. | Social Media

    Alongside Google, Facebook is also a major advertising platform that is constantly changing and evolving. Facebook's business mode..

  16. | Rebranding

    Who doesn't know it? The birds are chirping, the first buds are sprouting from the ground, the days are getting a little longer ag..

  17. | Social Media

    We've looked at trends that are on the agenda for social media in 2023, but will definitely play a role for other areas of busines..

  18. | Google Ads

    Google Ads are more than just text ads that appear in Google's search engine. The potential extends over many different formats, t..

  19. | Social Media

    4.62 billion - that's the number of users of social networks in January 2022. Social media has an enormous influence on our lives,..

  20. | Storytelling

    Goosebump moments, tears in the eyes from laughter or emotion, melancholy, joy. The best films are timeless and are characterized,..

  21. | Social Media

    "Hello my dears, welcome to my new video!" A sentence that everyone knows who has ever searched for product testings, e.g. from th..

  22. | Affiliate Marketing

    Marketing - a colorful bouquet of possibilities for the promotion, design, placement and distribution of products and services. On..

  23. | Jahresrückblick

    2022 - 12 chapters with 365 pages. We wanted to use these 12 chapters and fill them with experiences, memories, moments and challe..

  24. | Corporate Identity

    "Who am I - and if so, how many?" This is the title of a well-known book by philosopher and author Richard David Precht. But you c..

  25. | E-Mail Marketing

    306.4 billion and 4200% - two numbers so absurdly high they sound made up? Seems like it, but in 2020, 306.4 billion emails were s..

  26. | Corporate Design

    Welcome to part 3 of our series of articles on relationship marketing. In Part 1, we introduced what this actually is, why values ..

  27. | Marketing

    In the first part of our series on relationship marketing, we looked at how important relationships are for people. This is not ju..

  28. | Beziehungsmarketing

    People are not made to go through the world alone. We are looking for a helping hand and relationships that help shape our lives. ..

  29. | Performance Marketing

    What does baking powder have to do with a business area that can be found in almost every company today? Sounds like the beginnin..

  30. | Webentwicklung

    In this article we address the question: What exactly is web development? ..

  31. | Content Marketing

    In marketing, there are many different methods, tools and channels that companies can use to achieve their goals such as increasin..

  32. | Social Commerce

    Positioning a product or service correctly for the target group is one of the tasks of a company that must be continuously reconsi..

  33. | Social Media

    Joy, melancholy, surprise - these 3 emotions and many more are triggered by the videos on a platform. Within a few seconds to 3 mi..

  34. | Online Marketing

    Everyone is talking about, they can be consumed "on demand" and are not tied to broadcasting times: Podcasts.  In this article, we..

  35. | Social Media App

    In 2020 we were talking about Clubhouse, now everyone is looking a new App from France: Be Real.  “Your Friends for Real.” - The c..

  36. | SEO und Keyword Tools

    What is SEO and what is the right tool? In this article we give answers to both questions and take a closer look at some of the to..

  37. | Performance Marketing

    Google Ads newest addition, Performance Max campaigns, takes a company's digital marketing to a new level and lays the foundation ..

  38. | Jamstack

    Jamstack is a new method for creating websites, which convinces above all with its fast loading time and its ingenious search engi..

  39. | Jamstack

    We developed a website for Taxi Bastone from Schorndorf that is fast, reliable, barrier-free and bilingual...

  40. | Klima

    In this article, I'll describe why it's important to pay attention to your website's carbon footprint, how to measure it, what car..

  41. | Performance Marketing

    In the last few days, reports from Google Ads users have been piling up, where a very large number of previously invisible search ..

  42. | Jamstack

    In this article, I explain what the term "Jamstack" means and why it is so important for the future of web development...

  43. | Stadtwerke

    Discover the surprising results in our large social media Stadtwerke Check...

  44. | Agentur

    You always wanted to know strange things about the heads behind flank 7? Then guess now and find out private and sometimes very am..

  45. | Design

    It is always a process that goes hand in hand with the relaunch of pictograms. Now we can proudly announce that we have raised the..

  46. | Performance Marketing

    As an entrepreneur, time is usually strictly clocked. Therefore, it can of course make sense not to always have to carry out indiv..

  47. | Agentur

    This day took place for the first time in 1911 with the aim of equal rights for women in different areas of life and also with reg..

  48. | Performance Marketing

    Anyone who closely follows the development of modern landing pages will have noticed a trend: configurators, quizzes or similar in..

  49. | Websites

    In our opinion, the focus is on the positive user experience. This means that products and services are also perceived as more app..

  50. | Performance Marketing

    Video campaigns are a popular way to generate brand awareness. With Google Ads, you can easily place your own videos as ads on You..

  51. | Performance Marketing

    The online marketing group (OVK) of the Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) forecasts growth in net sales from digit..

  52. | Performance Marketing

    As reported the day before yesterday in Performance Marketing News (KW38), on September 2nd, Google massively restricted the trans..

  53. | Performance Marketing

    As reported yesterday in Performance Marketing News (KW38), the SEA world is in turmoil after Google severely restricted the repor..

  54. | Performance Marketing

    Last week, Google surprisingly announced that the report on search terms in Google Ads will now only show terms that are frequentl..

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